How To Paint Lava

Lava is an igneous rock that forms from the cooling and solidification of molten rock. It is a very common extrusive rock and can be found in all three major types of igneous rocks: basalt, andesite, and rhyolite. Lava is usually dark in color, but can also be light-colored. The texture of lava can vary from glassy to porphyritic.

How To Paint Lava

Lava is an igneous rock that is formed when the molten rock, called magma, cools and solidifies. It can be found in various colors, including shades of red, orange, yellow, and black. Lava is a very interesting material to paint because it can be depicted in a realistic way or you can use your imagination and create a more abstract painting. To paint lava realistically, you will need to mix various colors together to create the right hue and then use

A paintbrush, a pot of black paint, and a pot of orange paint.

  • Start with a dark brown or black basecoat
  • Layer on orange, yellow and red paint
  • Add white highlights. finish with a clear coat to protect the paint job

-What color should the lava be? -How should the lava be textured? -Should the lava have any other features?

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Paint Lava With Acrylic Miniatures?

There is no one definitive way to paint lava with acrylic miniatures. Some painters might start by painting the entire base black, then adding a layer of orange or red paint. Once the paint is dry, they might add highlights in yellow or white. Other painters might start with a different color scheme, or use different techniques to create their desired effect.

How Do You Make Paint Look Like Lava?

There are a few ways to make paint look like lava. One way is to add black paint to the red paint to create a dark orange color. Another way is to mix black and brown paint together to create a deep red color. Finally, you can add some metallic paint to give the lava a more realistic look.

How Do You Paint Miniature Lava?

To paint miniature lava, you need to start with a dark orange or red base color. Once the base is dry, add in highlights of yellow and white. Finally, use a black or very dark brown to create the shadows.


To paint lava, one must first mix black and red paint together to create a dark orange color. Then, add small amounts of yellow and white to create the desired hue. Finally, paint the lava onto the canvas using a wide brush.

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