How To Paint Clone Troopers Legion

There are a few things you’ll need before you start painting your Clone Troopers Legion. – primer – white paint – a variety of blues – light gray paint – dark gray paint – black paint – yellow paint – brown paint To start, prime your figures with a white primer. This will give them a base to which you can add other colors. Once the primer is dry, begin painting the troopers’ white armor with a light

How To Paint Clone Troopers Legion

Clone troopers legion is a great way to paint up a lot of clone troopers quickly. There are a few things you need to do to get the best results. Start by painting the entire figure white. This will give you a good base to work from. Once the white is dry, start adding other colors. You can use any colors you want, but I recommend using shades of gray, blue, and red. Once the basic colors are in place, add

-A large canvas or mural to paint on -Paint in various colors, including white, light grey, dark grey, and black -A small brush for details -A large brush for base coats -Sponges

  • Paint the black areas of the armor black
  • Prime the figure with a white primer
  • Paint the armor white
  • Paint the red areas of the armor red paint the yellow areas of the armor

When painting clone troopers legion, there are a few things to consider. First, decide on the colors you want to use. You can either use the colors specified in the instructions, or choose your own. Next, decide how you want to paint the clones. You can either paint them all the same color, or paint them in different colors and patterns. If you choose to paint them in different colors and patterns, be sure to plan out the design before you start painting. Finally, be

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Paint Stormtroopers Legion?

Stormtroopers Legion is an organization that provides painting services for Stormtrooper armor.

How Do You Paint Clone Trooper Armor?

There is no one definitive way to paint clone trooper armor. Some people might use spray paint, others might use a brush. Some might paint each piece of armor separately, while others might paint the entire suit at once.

How Do You Paint The 501St Legion?

The 501st Legion is an international fan organization dedicated to the preservation of the Star Wars mythos. The Legion is comprised of volunteers who build and paint replica costumes of Imperial characters from the Star Wars films.


To paint Clone Troopers Legion, start with a white undercoat. Once this is dry, use a light blue to paint the areas where the blue markings would be on a trooper’s armor. Then, use a dark blue to shade the edges of these areas. Finally, use a light grey to paint the rest of the armor.

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