Por15 is a paint used to coat metal surfaces to protect them from rust. It is a thick, black paint that is difficult to remove from skin. If you get por15 paint on your skin, you can remove it with soap and water.

How To Get Por15 Paint Off Skin

If you get por15 paint on your skin, you should wash it off with soap and water as soon as possible. If the paint does not come off easily, you can use a scrub brush or a toothbrush to help remove it.

-a bucket of water -soap -a sponge or rag -por15 paint remover

  • Wash the affected area with soap and water
  • Apply a por15 stripper to the area
  • Wait for the stripper to work rinse the area with water

Por15 is a paint that can be difficult to remove from skin. It is best to use a solvent like acetone to help remove the paint. You can also use a scrub brush to help remove the paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Por-15 Fade?

No. Por-15 is a very durable coating that does not fade.

Can Paint Be Applied Over Por-15?

No, POR-15 should be the final coating on a surface.

Is Por-15 Uv Resistant?

POR-15 is a high-quality coating that is designed to protect metal surfaces from corrosion. It is not UV resistant, and will eventually fade in direct sunlight.

In Summary

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people have suggested using soap and water, others have recommended using acetone or turpentine. Still others recommend using a commercial product like Goof Off. Ultimately, the best way to get por15 paint off skin is to experiment until you find a method that works for you.

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