How To Use Tubes Of Watercolor Paint

Watercolor paint is a type of paint that is made of pigments suspended in water. It is one of the oldest painting mediums, dating back to the 9th century. The traditional way to use watercolor paint is by using tubes of paint.

How To Use Tubes Of Watercolor Paint

There are a few ways to use tubes of watercolor paint. One way is to squeeze the paint directly onto the paper. Another way is to first put the paint into a small container, such as a dish or a jar, and then dip your brush into that container. You can also dilute the paint by adding water to it until it becomes the desired consistency.

-A palette or plate to mix colors on -Tubes of watercolor paint -Bristle brushes in various sizes -Water container -Paper

  • Mix with a brush and water to create the desired shade
  • Squeeze one to three drops of color onto the palette
  • Apply to paper with a brush

– start by squeezing out all the paint onto a palette or plate to get an idea of the colors – then, dip the tip of the brush into the paint and begin painting – use a light hand at first to get the feel for how the paint behaves and to see how much you need – add more paint to the brush as needed and continue painting – also, be sure to reload the brush with more paint often so that you have a consistent flow

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Open Watercolor Tubes?

Watercolor tubes are opened by using a palette knife to pierce the metal seal on the top of the tube.

Do You Add Water To Tubes Of Watercolor Paint?

Water is not generally necessary when using watercolor paint tubes, as the paint is already in a water-based form. Adding more water can actually dilute the color and affect the paint’s ability to cover a surface. However, if the paint is too thick or seems to be clogging the tube, then adding a small amount of water can help to loosen it up.

How Do You Use Tubed Watercolor Paint?

I use tubed watercolor paint by painting the color onto a palette, and then loading a brush with the paint. I then paint the color onto the paper.


Watercolor tubes provide a convenient way to store and use watercolor paint. The tubes allow the artist to control the amount of paint they are using, which helps to prevent wastage. The tubes also make it easy to mix colors, and the small size makes them easy to transport.

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