How To Use Spray Paint In Overwatch

Spray paint is a type of projectile weapon used in Overwatch. It is a short-ranged weapon that fires a continuous stream of paint, dealing moderate damage to enemies in its path. The stream will immediately stop upon contact with a surface.

How To Use Spray Paint In Overwatch

There is no one definitive way to use spray paint in Overwatch. Some players prefer to use it as a way to quickly move around the map, while others use it to set up strategic positions. Additionally, spray paint can also be used as a way to deny enemies access to certain areas or objectives.

Spray paint is the main material needed for this project. You will also need an object to paint, such as a toy car or figurine.

  • Select your desired color of spray paint
  • Aim the can at your target and hold the trigger until the paint is gone
  • Move the can back and forth to cover the entire area

-Spray paint should be used sparingly in Overwatch, as it can quickly cover up the battlefield and make it difficult to see. -It’s best to use spray paint against light-colored surfaces, as the paint will show up better against them. -Be aware of your surroundings when using spray paint, as you don’t want to obscure your teammate’s vision or hit them with the paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Overwatch Spray On Console?

On console, you use the directional pad to navigate to the sprays menu, and then the right stick to select the desired spray.

How Do You Overwatch Spray On Ps4?

There is no way to spray on PS4.

How Do You Get Animated Sprays In Overwatch?

There are a few ways to get animated sprays in Overwatch. The most common way is to get them as rewards for completing Weekly Brawls. Another way is to get them as rewards for opening Loot Boxes. There are also some that can be bought from the Hero Gallery.


Spray paint is a powerful asset in Overwatch, and can be used to great effect in both offensive and defensive situations. When used offensively, spray paint can block enemies’ vision, allowing your team to advance safely. Defensively, it can be used to mark enemy locations for your team to target, or to cover your own team’s movements. In either situation, remember to coordinate with your teammates to make sure everyone is using spray paint to its fullest potential.

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