Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is a vast open world with plenty to see and do. Whether you’re exploring the world by horseback, taking on missions for the various factions in the game, or just hunting and fishing, there’s always something new to discover. In this guide, we’ll teach you the basics of how to use paint it black rdr2 online.

How To Use Paint It Black Rdr2 Online

There are a few different ways that you can use the Paint It Black cheat in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online. One way is to simply enter the cheat code, “PAINTITBLACK” on your keyboard, and another way is to highlight the black text underneath the cheats menu and press the corresponding button on your controller.

-To use Paint It Black in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online, you will need: -A PlayStation 4 or Xbox One Console -A Copy of Red Dead Redemption 2 Online -The Paint It Black Dye

  • Select “multiplayer”
  • Open the game
  • Select “invite friends”
  • Select the friends you want to play with select “mission” select “paint it black” start playing

1. Paint It Black is a dark and intense Red Dead Redemption 2 Online multiplayer mode that can be used in several different ways. 2. One way to use Paint It Black is to play it as a last resort when you’re losing a match and need to turn the tide. 3. Another way to use Paint It Black is to use it as a distraction for your opponents. 4. You can also use Paint It Black to hide from your opponents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Use Paint It Black In Red Dead Online?

In Red Dead Online, Paint It Black can be used to change the color of your weapons and gear.

How Do You Paint Targets In Rdr2?

You can paint targets in Red Dead Redemption 2 by selecting the “Targets” option from the main menu, then selecting either “Paint Targets” or “Create Custom Target.”

How Do You Use Redeye In Red Dead Redemption Online?

The Redeye grenade can be used to stun enemies, and it can also be used to blind them temporarily. When you throw the grenade, it will emit a bright light that will temporarily blind everyone in the area.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Online offers a variety of ways to customize your experience, including the ability to use paint to change the color of your horse and saddle. To use paint, first purchase the appropriate can from a store or earn it as a reward. Open the menu and select “Customize.” Scroll down to “Horse & Saddle” and select the item you want to paint. Click on the color you want to use and apply.

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