How To Use Citadel Texture Paints

Citadel texture paints are a range of acrylic paints designed to create a weathered and aged look on miniatures. The paints can be used on any surface that can be painted with acrylics, including metal, plastic and resin.

How To Use Citadel Texture Paints

Citadel Texture Paints are a range of acrylic paints that are designed to be used on metal, plastic, and resin surfaces. They can be used to create a range of textures, from hammered metal to bubbling lava. The paints can be applied with a brush or a sponge, and can be thinned with water if needed.

To use Citadel Texture paints, you will need a Citadel Texture paint brush, a pot of water, and a palette on which to mix the colors.

  • shake the citadel paint bottle 2. remove the lid 3. dip the brush into the paint 4. wipe off any excess paint on the inside of the lid 5. get creative!

-Citadel texture paints can be used in a variety of ways to create different textures on your models. -One way to use them is to simply paint them onto the model’s surface in a desired pattern. This will create a basic texture on the model. -Another way to use them is to mix them with other paints to create more complex textures. For example, you could mix a bit of texture paint with white paint to create a frosty effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Use Gw Crackle Paint?

GW crackle paint is a paint that, when applied over another paint color, will create a crackled finish. To use it, first apply a base coat of your desired color. Once the base coat is dry, apply the GW crackle paint in a thin layer over top. Once the GW crackle paint is dry, apply a top coat of your desired color. The top coat will fill in the cracks, creating a smooth finish.

How Do You Use Technical Paints Gw?

I use GW paints by following the instructions on the bottle. I shake the bottle and then use a brush to apply it to the model.

What Do All The Citadel Technical Paints Do?

The Citadel range of technical paints are designed to offer a wide variety of effects for your miniature models. The different paints can be used to create metallic finishes, add weathering effects, or create camouflage patterns.

In The End

Citadel Texture paints are a great way to add extra detail to your models. They can be used to create different textures, such as brick, stone, or metal. They can also be used to create highlights and shadows.

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