How To Seal Tempera Paint On Canvas

To seal tempera paint on canvas, you can use a variety of methods. One popular method is to use a coat of varnish. Varnish is a type of sealant that is typically used on paintings to protect them from moisture and dirt. It can also add shine and depth to the painting. You can buy varnish at most art stores. Another option is to use a fixative. Fixative is a spray that helps to keep the paint from smudging or

How To Seal Tempera Paint On Canvas

There are various ways to seal tempera paint on canvas. One way is to use a varnish. Varnishes can be either oil or water based, and they come in both gloss and matte finishes. Another option is to use an acrylic medium. Acrylic mediums are used to add gloss, sheen, or texture to an acrylic painting. They can also be used as a sealant for paintings made with other media, such as tempera or oil paint.

You will need: tempera paint canvas sealer (optional)

  • Allow the paint to dry
  • Pour a small amount of tempera paint onto the canvas
  • Use a palette knife to mix the paint and create a desired color
  • Brush the paint onto the canvas in the desired area

-When sealing tempera paint on canvas, it is important to use a sealant that will not yellow over time. -A good option for sealing tempera paint is an acrylic sealant. -Another option is to use a wax sealant. -Whichever sealant is used, it is important to make sure it is applied in thin layers and allowed to dry completely between coats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tempera Paint Stay On Canvas?

Tempera paint is a type of paint that is made from pigments and water-soluble binder. It is usually used for paintings on canvas, wood or other porous surfaces.

Can I Mod Podge Over Tempera Paint?

You can Mod Podge over tempera paint, but it is not recommended. Mod Podge is a sealant, and tempera paint is not very water resistant. So, if you Mod Podge over tempera paint, it may not be very effective in sealing your project.

Can You Mod Podge Over Tempera Paint?

Yes, you can Mod Podge over tempera paint. However, it is not recommended because the two mediums have different drying times and can cause the paint to crack.


Once the tempera paint is dry, it can be sealed with a varnish. A quick drying, non-yellowing acrylic varnish or sealer can be used to protect the tempera paint and keep it from fading.

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