How To Say Wet Paint In Spanish

In Spanish, to say “wet paint,” you would say “pintura húmeda.”

How To Say Wet Paint In Spanish

Pintura húmeda.

One needs a basic understanding of Spanish vocabulary and how to say the numbers one through ten in Spanish in order to say “wet paint” in the language. Other than that, there is no other required tool or material.

  • To say “wet paint” in spanish, say “pintura húmeda.”

There are a few different ways to say “wet paint” in Spanish, depending on the region. Some common translations are “pintura húmeda”, “látex húmedo”, and “enamel húmedo”.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Yeti Spanish?

Yeti Spanish is a dialect of Spanish spoken by the Yeti people. It is a mix of Standard Spanish and the dialects of the indigenous people of the area where the Yeti live.

What Alabaster Means In Spanish?

Alabaster means “made of alabaster” in Spanish.

What Color Is Sienna In Spanish?

Sienna is a color that is typically translated to “color beige” in Spanish.


In Spanish, the phrase for “wet paint” is “pintura mojada”. This phrase is used to warn people that a surface is wet and may be dangerous.

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