How To Say Paint In Spanish

In Spanish, “to paint” is “pintar.” To say “I am painting” in Spanish, you would say “estoy pintando.”

How To Say Paint In Spanish

In Spanish, there are two words for “paint.” The first word, “pintar,” is the verb form and means “to paint.” The second word, “pintura,” is the noun form and means “paint.”

-a can of paint -a brush -a paint tray

  • To say “paint” in spanish, say “pintar”
  • To say “i am painting,” say “yo estoy pintando.”

How to say “paint” in Spanish: -Pintar -Escribir una pintura -Hacer un cuadro

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to say “meaning” in Spanish is “¿Cómo se dice meaning Spanish?”

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How do you say “enchant” in English? You say “enchant” in English the same way as you say it in Spanish.

¿Cómo Se Escribe Painting?

Paintings are created by applying paint to a surface.


To say “paint” in Spanish, say “pintar”.

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