How To Paint Vinyl Records

If you’re a fan of vinyl records, then you know that they can add a warm and unique sound to your music collection. And, if you’re like many other vinyl enthusiasts, you may also enjoy painting and customizing your records. Painting vinyl records is a fun way to add some personality and style to your collection, and it’s also a great way to show off your artistic skills. If you’re interested in painting your vinyl records, here are a few tips to help

How To Paint Vinyl Records

There are a few ways to paint vinyl records. One way is to use spray paint. This is a quick and easy way to do it, but the results may not be as good as you want them to be. Another way is to use acrylic paint. This will give you better results, but it will take a little more time.

-vinyl records -paint (preferably spray paint) -a surface to paint on (a cardboard box works well) -painters tape – newspaper or a drop cloth to protect your surface

  • Clean the vinyl record with a cleaning solution
  • Dry the vinyl record
  • Apply primer to the vinyl record
  • Paint the vinyl record with the desired color wait for the paint to dry apply a seal

-Choose the right color -Prepare the surface -Apply the paint -Wait for it to dry -Enjoy your new record!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind Of Paint Will Stick To Vinyl Records?

The best paint to use on vinyl records is spray paint.

Do Records Still Work If You Paint On Them?

Yes, records work if you paint on them, but the paint will affect the sound quality of the record.

How Do You Prepare Vinyl Records For Painting?

First, clean the vinyl records with a mild detergent and water. Next, use a vinyl primer to prepare the surface for painting. Finally, paint the vinyl records using acrylic paint.

In Summary

There are many ways to paint vinyl records. One way is to use spray paint. Another way is to use a brush.

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