How To Paint Stormcast Eternals

Stormcast Eternals are a faction of warriors who were created by the god Sigmar to fight against the Chaos hordes. They are made up of beings from all over the Mortal Realms, who have been chosen by Sigmar for their courage and strength. To paint Stormcast Eternals, you will need paints in metallic shades of gold, silver, bronze, and copper, as well as shades of blue, black, and white. Begin by painting the entire model in a

How To Paint Stormcast Eternals

There are many ways to paint Stormcast Eternals, depending on the scheme you want to use. One scheme could be to paint them in shades of blue and white, with silver armour and details. You could use a mixture of light and dark blues, with highlights of white. For the armour, you could use a metallic silver, or a light blue-grey. Then, for the details, such as weapons and shields, you could use a bright silver.

-Paint: You will need to have at least the following paints to paint your Stormcast Eternals: white, black, gold, silver, light blue, dark blue, green, and brown. -Brushes: You will also need brushes specifically for miniature painting. These can be found at most hobby stores or online. The brushes you’ll need for this project are a small detail brush, a medium size brush, and a large brush. -Canvas or

  • base coat the model with a light blue 2. paint silver highlights over the blue 3. wash the model with a blue wash 4. highlight the blue areas with white 5. paint gold details on the armour

1. Consider the colors you want to use for your stormcast eternals. 2. Choose the colors you want to use for the armor, weapons, and tabard of your stormcast eternals. 3. Prime the model with a white primer. 4. Paint the armor and weapons with a dark metallic color. 5. Highlight the armor and weapons with a lighter metallic color. 6. Paint the tabard with a

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Paint Gold Stormcast Eternals?

The gold Stormcast Eternals are painted using a technique called drybrushing. The model is first basecoated with a light color, such as white or yellow. Then, a darker color is applied over the top in a few quick, light strokes. Finally, a very light color is drybrushed over the top to bring out the details.

How Do You Paint Stormcast Eternals Praetors?

To paint a Stormcast Eternals Praetor, you will need the following colors: white, gold, light blue, dark blue, and black. Start by painting the entire model white. Once the white is dry, paint the gold details. Next, paint the light blue details. Then, paint the dark blue details. Finally, paint the black details.

How Do I Paint My Stormcast Eternals White?

To paint your Stormcast Eternals white, you will need to prime them white first. Once they are primed, you can then paint them with a white paint. You may also need to add some highlights with a lighter color to bring out the details of the models.


To paint stormcast eternals, start with a white undercoat, then paint the armor and robes golden. Paint the trim and details on the armor silver, then paint the hair and eyes blue. Finally, add some highlights to the armor and robes.

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