How To Paint Ikea Akurum Cabinets

Painted Ikea Akurum cabinets can look amazing with a little bit of work! In this article, we will show you how to prep and paint your Akurum cabinets for a beautiful finish.

How To Paint Ikea Akurum Cabinets

The Akurum cabinets from Ikea are designed for easy installation and painting. The cabinets can be painted in any color you choose, and the process is simple. 1. Remove all of the cabinet doors and hardware from the cabinets. 2. Wash the cabinets with a mild detergent to remove any dirt or grease. Let them dry completely. 3. Tape off the edges of the cabinet boxes and doors with painter’s tape. This will protect the surfaces from

-Ikea akurum cabinets -Paint -Paintbrush -Paint roller -Paint tray -Tape -Primer -Sandpaper -Lint-free cloth

  • Prime the cabinets using a brush or roller paint the
  • Such as the hinges and handles
  • Tape off any areas that you don’t want to get paint on
  • Firstly, remove the cabinet doors and all of the hardware

– consider the color of the cabinets – consider the type of paint to use (latex or oil) – consider the primer to use – consider the tools you will need – consider the steps you will take

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Update Ikea Kitchen Cabinets?

To update IKEA kitchen cabinets, you can paint them or add new hardware. You can also change the cabinet doors or add new panels to the sides of the cabinets.

How Do You Update Cabinets Without Replacing Them?

There are a few ways to update cabinets without replacing them. One way is to paint them. Another way is to add new hardware or cabinet knobs. You could also add new backsplashes or cabinet fronts.

Can Ikea Kitchen Cabinets Be Painted?

Yes, IKEA kitchen cabinets can be painted. However, it is important to note that not all IKEA cabinets are paint-able. The best way to determine if your cabinets can be painted is to check the assembly instructions or contact IKEA customer service. If your cabinets can be painted, it is important to prepare them properly before painting. This includes sanding and priming the surface.


In short, painting IKEA AKURUM cabinets is a relatively simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. First, remove all of the cabinet doors and hardware, then lightly sand the surfaces to be painted and wipe away any dust or debris. Next, apply two coats of primer to the cabinets, followed by two coats of paint in the desired color. Finally, reinstall the cabinet doors and hardware.

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