How To Paint Flashing

Flashing is a thin sheet of metal or other impervious material that is installed at the angle of the roof to prevent water infiltration. Flashing is also used around chimneys, dormers, and other roof penetrations. The best way to install flashing is to first measure and cut the flashing to size. If the flashing is too long, it can be trimmed with a pair of tin snips. The next step is to fold the top edge of the flashing under so

How To Paint Flashing

There is no one definitive way to paint flashing. One option is to use a brush to apply a coat of roofing cement to the bottom of the flashing. Once the roofing cement has dried, you can then apply a coat of paint. Another option is to use metal flashing instead of roofing cement, and then paint it accordingly.

-Paint brush or roller -Paint: latex or oil-based primer and paint in the color of your choice -Painters tape -Plywood or cardboard -Ruler or a straight edge -Screwdriver -Hammer -Nail Gun -Chisel

  • Clean the area to be painted with a wire brush
  • Apply a coat of paint primer
  • Apply a coat of rubberized roofing paint
  • Wait for the paint to dry

-When painting flashing, it is important to make sure that the surface is clean and dry. -If the surface is not clean or dry, the paint may not adhere properly and could lead to peeling or corrosion. -It is also important to use a high quality paint that is weather resistant and will withstand exposure to the elements. -Applying a coat of primer before painting is also recommended to help improve adhesion and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Galvanized Flashing Be Painted?

Yes, galvanized flashing can be painted but it is not recommended. The paint will not adhere well to the galvanizing and the finish may flake off.

What Can I Paint Lead Flashing With?

Lead flashing is used to waterproof roof joints and other areas where water might penetrate. It can be painted with ordinary exterior paint, but some manufacturers make specialized lead paint that is formulated to resist weathering.

What Kind Of Paint Is Used On Flashing?

Lead-based paint is often used on flashing, as it is durable and weatherproof. However, newer paints that are free of lead are also available and are becoming more common.


There are a few key things to remember when painting flashing: always use a primer, make sure the surface is clean and dry, and use a quality paint.

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