Krylon spray paint cans have a valve at the top that needs to be opened in order to use the paint. The valve is opened by turning it counterclockwise with your fingers.

How To Open Krylon Spray Paint Can

There are a few ways to open a Krylon spray paint can. One way is to use a can opener. Another way is to use a knife. Another way is to use your hands.

A Krylon spray paint can opener is needed in order to open a Krylon spray paint can.

  • Press down on the nozzle and spray
  • Remove the red safety clip from the nozzle
  • Hold the can upright and shake it for a few seconds

-Always shake the can for a few minutes before use -Make sure the can is in a vertical position and pointed away from you when spraying -Hold the can approximately 10-12 inches away from the surface and spray in a steady back and forth motion -Apply several light coats rather than one heavy coat

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Open A Spray Container?

The best way to open a spray container is by using the tab located on the top.

How Do You Unlock A Spray Bottle Nozzle?

The nozzle on a spray bottle can be locked by rotating it a quarter turn.

How Do You Open A Spray Canister?

There are a few ways to open a spray canister. The most common way is to use the tab on the top of the canister and pull it off. Another way is to use a key that is specifically designed to open spray canisters.


Spraying is an easy way to apply paint, but it’s not without risk. You can minimize the chances of getting paint on yourself by wearing old clothes, covering your work surface with newspapers, and avoiding long pauses between coats.

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