If you don’t have the paint code for your car, there are a few ways you can try to match the paint. One way is to go to an auto body supply store and ask for help. Another way is to look for a similar color car and ask the owner for the paint code. You can also try using a paint sample from a hardware store.

1 Steps to Match Auto Paint Without Paint Code

There are a few ways to match auto paint without a paint code. One way is to take a sample of the paint to a local auto body shop and have them color match it. Another way is to find a similar color vehicle and take a sample of that paint.

Having the ability to match auto paint without a paint code is important for a number of reasons. For one, it can save time and money. If a person knows how to do this, they can avoid having to take their car to a professional to have the paint matched. Additionally, it can be helpful in an emergency situation. If a person’s car needs a touch up and they do not have the paint code, they can still match the paint and fix the problem.

Step 1: Matching Car Paint Without A Paint Code Is Possible, But It Can Be Difficult First, Find A Color That Is Close To The One You Want Next, Get A Sample Of The Paint And Take It To A Store That Sells Car Paint They Will Be Able To Mix The Paint To Match The Color Of Your Car

Matching car paint without a paint code is possible, but it can be difficult. First, find a color that is close to the one you want. Next, get a sample of the paint and take it to a store that sells car paint. They will be able to mix the paint to match the color of your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Exact Paint To Match My Car?

The best way to get an exact match for your car’s paint is to take it to a professional automotive paint shop.

How Do You Match Unknown Paint?

The best way to match unknown paint is to take a sample of the paint to a local hardware store or paint shop. They will be able to scan the sample and match it to a corresponding paint color.

How Can I Match An Existing Paint Color?

You can match an existing paint color by taking a sample of the color to a local paint store.

Can I Find My Car Paint Code By Vin Number?

Yes, you can find your car paint code by VIN number.


To match car paint without a paint code, first take a rubbing of the car’s paint with sandpaper. Then take the rubbing and match it to a color swatch book at a nearby paint store.

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