Watercolor can be made to look like oil paint by using a more opaque pigment, adding more white to the mix, and using less water.

How To Make Watercolor Look Like Oil Paint

One way to make watercolor look like oil paint is by using a wet-on-wet technique. This involves wetting the paper first with a watercolor wash, then adding wet paint on top. The paint will spread out over the surface of the paper, creating a more painterly effect. Another way to make watercolor look like oil paint is by adding texture. You can do this by using a textured brush or adding gel medium to the paint.

Watercolor paint, water, brushes, paper

  • Like effect
  • Add a thin layer of white paint on top
  • Start with a watercolor painting in any color
  • Use a brush to blend the white paint into the watercolor, creating an oil

Watercolor paints are transparent, while oil paints are opaque. To make watercolor look like oil paint, you will need to use less water and more paint. You can also add some white paint to your watercolor to make it more opaque.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Mix Watercolor With Oil?

Yes, it is possible to mix watercolor with oil. The two paints can be blended together to create various effects.

Can You Mix Watercolour And Oil?

Yes, it is possible to mix watercolour and oil paints. However, the resulting paint mixture will likely not be as vibrant as either of the two individual paints.

How Do You Make Watercolor Look Like Acrylic Paint?

Acrylic paint is a type of paint that is made up of pigment and binder. To make watercolor look like acrylic paint, you would need to add some sort of binder to the watercolor. This could be done by adding gum arabic to the watercolor, or by using an acrylic medium.


The best way to make watercolor look like oil paint is to add a small amount of oil to the watercolor paint. This will help to create a more opaque and glossy finish.

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