Making your own grey oil paint is a relatively simple process that can be done with basic supplies. All you need is some artist grade oil paint, white paint, and black paint. To make the grey oil paint, first mix together equal parts of black and white oil paints. Then, add in small amounts of the mixed paint to the artist grade oil paint until you reach the desired shade of grey.

How To Make Grey Oil Paint

There are a few ways to make grey oil paint. One way is to mix black and white paint together in different ratios until you get the desired shade of grey. Another way is to mix blue and white paint together in different ratios.

-Oil paint -Paintbrush -Canvas -Grey paint

  • Mix in a small amount of yellow oil paint until you reach the desired shade of grey
  • Take a white oil paint and mix it with an equal amount of black oil paint

– the type of pigment to use – the type of oil to use – how to mix the paint – how to store the paint

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Grey Oil Without Black Paint?

To make GREY oil without black paint, you will first need to create a 50/50 mixture of white and black paint. Then, add a small amount of blue paint to the mixture until you reach the desired shade of grey.

How Do You Make Dark Grey With Oil Paints?

To make dark grey with oil paints, mix black and white together in equal proportions.

What Colors Make Grey Paint?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people will have different opinions on what colors make grey paint. However, some popular suggestions include a mix of black and white, or a mix of blue and white.

Taking Everything Into Account

To make your own oil paint, mix a pigment with an appropriate oil to create a thick paste. You can then use this paste to paint on a canvas or other surface. Adding a thinner to the mixture will make the paint more liquid and easier to apply.

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