How To Make Acrylic Painting Waterproof

Acrylic paint is water-resistant but not waterproof. To make it waterproof, you need to add a sealer on top of the paint. There are many types of sealers available in the market, so you need to choose the one that is right for your project. You can either spray or brush the sealer on the painting.

3 Steps to Make Acrylic Painting Waterproof

To make acrylic painting waterproof, firstly, apply a layer of gesso or white acrylic paint to the surface you wish to paint on. Once dry, paint your design over the top using acrylic paints. To seal the paint and make it waterproof, apply a layer of varnish or lacquer once the paint is dry.

If you enjoy painting with acrylics, you know that they are a versatile medium. You can use them to create a variety of effects, but one thing that can be difficult is making them waterproof. If you want to protect your paintings, or if you want to be able to use them in a more versatile way, learning how to make acrylic painting waterproof is a good idea. There are a few different ways to make acrylic paint waterproof. One is to use a sealer, which you can apply after the paint is dry. This will protect the painting from moisture and from fading. Another way to make your painting waterproof is to add a layer of varnish on top of the paint. This will also protect the painting and

Step 1: Use An Acrylic Sealant Or Varnish To Make The Painting Waterproof

If you want to make your acrylic painting waterproof, you can either use an acrylic sealant or varnish. Applying one of these products will create a barrier between the paint and the elements, preventing water from damaging the painting.

Step 2: Make Sure The Surface Is Completely Dry Before Applying The Sealant

To ensure that your acrylic painting is properly waterproofed, be sure to apply the sealant to a completely dry surface. If the surface is even slightly damp, the sealant may not adhere properly and your painting may be at risk of water damage.

Step 3: Apply A Thin Coat Of Sealant And Allow It To Dry Completely Before Applying A Second Coat

Apply a thin coat of sealant and allow it to dry completely before applying a second coat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Waterproof A Painting?

To waterproof a painting, you can either use a waterproofing spray or a sealant.

What Do You Put On Acrylic Paint To Make It Waterproof?

There are a few things you can do to make your acrylic paint waterproof. You can use a clear sealer like varnish or polyurethane, or you can mix your acrylic paint with a waterproofing agent like Liquitex Workable Fixative.


There is not one definitive answer to the question of how to make acrylic painting waterproof. However, one method that may be effective is to apply a coat of clear sealant or varnish to the finished painting. This will help to protect the paint from moisture and weathering.

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