Importing an alpha in Substance Painter is a relatively easy process. First, open up the file that you would like to use as your alpha. Then, select the alpha channel in the channels tab on the right-hand side of the screen. After that, click and drag the alpha into the viewport.

How To Import Alpha In Substance Painter

In Substance Painter, you can import an alpha channel by selecting File > Import > Alpha. This will bring up a file browser, where you can select the alpha channel you want to import.

To import an alpha in Substance Painter, you need a few things. First, you need a photo editor like Photoshop or GIMP. Second, you need the alpha itself as a PNG file. Finally, you need to know where to import the alpha in Substance Painter. To import the alpha in Photoshop, open the photo editor and create a new document. Then, drag and drop the PNG file of the alpha into the document. Once the alpha is in Photoshop, you can

  • > alpha 3. select the alpha file you want to import 4. click open
  • open substance painter 2. choose file
  • > import

– How to import an alpha channel in Substance Painter – To import an alpha channel in Substance Painter, you need to first create a new channel and name it “Alpha”. – Next, select the alpha layer you want to import and copy it into the “Alpha” channel. – Once the layer is copied, you can export the texture and your alpha channel will be included.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Import Files Into Substance Painter?

To import files into Substance Painter, you can either drag and drop the files into the software or go to the File menu and select Import.

How Do You Put Materials In A Substance Painter?

In Substance Painter, you can add materials by either dragging and dropping them from the library, or by manually entering the values.

How Do I Import A Fbx File Into A Substance Painter?

In substance painter, you can import a FBX file by going to the File menu and selecting Import. You can then browse for and select the FBX file you want to import.


To import an alpha in Substance Painter, you need to first create or find an image file with an alpha channel. Once you have the image file, you can import it into Substance Painter by going to File > Import and selecting the image file.

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