How To Get The Paint Can In Merge Mansion

In order to get the paint can in Merge Mansion, players must first find the key to the basement. The key is located in the library, and can be accessed by solving a puzzle. Once the key is obtained, players can access the basement and find the paint can.

How To Get The Paint Can In Merge Mansion

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some possible methods include using a ladder to reach the high shelves, using a chair to stand on, or using a broom handle or other long object to push the can up from below.

-A ladder -Paint can -Someone to help

  • Walk through the hallways until you reach the painting room. push the painting to the side to reveal a
  • Use the grappling hook to get onto the roof of the mansion
  • Enter the mansion through the roof

There are a few ways to get the paint can in merge mansion. One way is to use the teleporter to teleport to the room with the paint can and then take it. Another way is to use the stairs to go up to the second floor and then go into the room with the paint can.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Number 9 Do In Merge Mansion?

According to the game’s instructions, the number 9 “moves the player to the next room.”

How Many Levels Are There In Merge Mansion?

There are six levels in Merge Mansion.

How Do You Win Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansion is a game where players are tasked with merging two rooms into one by swapping the walls between them. The player who can do this in the fewest moves wins the game.

To Summarize

The paint can is located in the basement of the merge mansion. To get to the basement, players must go through the dark hallway and down the stairs.

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