In order to get paint cans in the merge mansion, you need to use the pink key to unlock the door on the bottom floor. Inside, you will find a small room with a few shelves. On the shelves are some paint cans.

How To Get Paint Cans In Merge Mansion

In order to get paint cans in the merge mansion, players must first complete the quest “The Paint Job” which is given by Gary the Gadget Guy. After completing the quest, players can then purchase a paint can from the Estate Agent for 10 coins.

-Paint cans -A ladder -At least one friend

  • go to the paint cans in the garden and take them 2. go to the merge mansion and take the paint can opener 3. use the paint can opener on the paint cans in the merge mansion 4. take the

There are a few ways to get paint cans in the Merge Mansion. One way is to find them in the environment. Another way is to purchase them from the shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are All The Items In Merge Mansion?

There are a total of nine items in Merge Mansion. They are: the key, the door knob, the chandelier, the painting, the two lamps, the table, the two chairs, and the bed.

Can You Complete Merge Mansion?

Yes, I can complete Merge Mansion.

How Do You Get The Toolbox In Merge Mansion?

The Merge Mansion toolbox can be obtained by collecting all of the tools in the game.


In order to get paint cans in the Merge Mansion, the player must use the Vacuum Gun to suck them up and then release them into the Paint Bucket.

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