How To Frame A Panel Painting

Panels paintings are created on wooden panels. The panels are usually thin and the painting is created on the front of the panel. The painting is not painted on the back of the panel.

How To Frame A Panel Painting

There are a few things to remember when framing a panel painting in order to ensure that the artwork is well protected and looks great on display. The first step is to select a frame that is the same width as the painting, or slightly wider. The frame should also be about 1-2 inches taller than the painting, to create a visual “frame” around the artwork. The final consideration is the color of the frame. A light-colored frame will enhance the colors of the painting

The most important tool you will need for framing a panel painting is a frame. You can find frames in a variety of shapes and sizes at your local craft or art supply store. The frame should be slightly larger than the painting itself so that there is a border of space around the painting. Other supplies you will need for framing a panel painting include mat board, mounting tape, and a ruler. Mat board is a thin piece of cardboard that is used to create a border around the

  • Measure the size of the painting and cut the frame to those dimensions
  • Nail or screw the frame to the wall in the desired location
  • Frame the painting using a wooden or other rigid material
  • If needed

-What is the subject matter of the painting? -What is the mood or feeling you are trying to evoke with the painting? -What colors do you want to use? -What is the size of the painting? -Do you want a frame that is ornate or simple? -What type of wood do you want your frame to be made out of?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put A Canvas Panel In A Picture Frame?

Yes, you can put a canvas panel in a picture frame. However, depending on the size of the frame and the thickness of the panel, you may need to use an insert or some other means to hold the panel in place.

How Do You Mount A Panel In A Floater Frame?

The way to mount a panel in a floater frame is by using spacers on the back of the panel that fit in the grooves of the frame. You then use a staple gun to staple the panel to the spacers.

How Do You Secure A Painting In A Floater Frame?

There are different ways to secure a painting in a floater frame. One way is to use screws through the frame and into the back of the painting. Another way is to use wire or picture hanging hooks to attach the painting to the frame.

In Closing

The best way to frame a panel painting is by using a solid wood frame with a rabbet that is slightly wider than the painting. The frame should be stained to match the color of the painting, and then a UV-protective Plexiglas sheet should be glued to the front.

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