How To Add Glitter To Acrylic Painting

Adding glitter to acrylic paintings is a fun way to add extra sparkle and shine to your work. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to do it using a few simple steps.

How To Add Glitter To Acrylic Painting

Adding glitter to an acrylic painting can create a dazzling effect and add some sparkle to your artwork. There are several ways to add glitter to a painting, depending on the desired outcome. One way to add glitter is by sprinkling it on while the paint is still wet. This will give a more subtle effect, as the glitter will blend in with the paint. Another way is to apply glue to the surface of the painting, then sprinkle on the glitter. The glue will hold

The materials you will need to add glitter to acrylic paintings are: -Acrylic paints in various colors -Glitter in various colors -A paintbrush -A palette or plate to mix paints on -Water -A paper towel or cloth -A sealant (optional)

  • Select the acrylic paint color you would like to use
  • Pour a small amount of the acrylic paint into a bowl. add the desired amount of glitter to
  • Select the glitter color you would like to use

There are a few things to consider when adding glitter to an acrylic painting. The paint should be completely dry before glitter is added, or the glitter will stick to the wet paint and will be difficult to remove. It is also important to use a glue that dries clear, such as mod podge, so that the glitter does not show up as a dark spot on the painting. Finally, it is important to choose a type of glitter that will not be too overwhelming or distracting from the

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Put Glitter In Acrylic Paint?

Yes, you can put glitter in acrylic paint.

Can You Add Normal Glitter To Paint?

Yes, you can add normal glitter to paint, but it will not make the paint any more durable.

How Do You Add Glitter To Acrylic?

To add glitter to acrylic, you can use a number of methods. You can add glitter to wet acrylic paint, or you can add glitter to acrylic sealer. You can also add glitter to acrylic paint that has been diluted with water.


Adding glitter to acrylic paintings can give them a festive and glitzy look. It is best to add the glitter while the paint is still wet, so that it will stick. However, take care not to add too much, or it may overpower the painting.

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